Protein Shake--Quickie



American / U.S.A.
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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "Protein Shake." The ass that launched a thousand loads is back and assuming the position from the outset in this erotic blowjob and rimming session, courtesy of everyone's favorite insatiable hotwife and sperm collector, Leslie. The fun begins with this shapely hottie's big, round ass stuck squarely in the camera lens, with most of her ample, rotund ass cheeks already spilling out freely beneath her way-too-short and oh-so-tight little black skirt. And she certainly leaves nothing to the imagination when she decides to slide her thong to one side in order to offer up an enchanting view of her exposed pussy, even reaching between her thighs to expose and tease her own moist pinkness--mouth-watering! Finally, this shameless little nymph disrobes and drops to her knees to do what she does best--sucking, slurping, tonguing and rimming her playmate's hefty cock and balls to full climax. She then takes every drop of his voluminous load in her mouth--except for the overflow that runs down her cheek and onto her full, exposed breasts. Lovers of cum shots and cum eating will soon consider this little gem a must-see