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Lorena Brink

American / Europe
117 5.0
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lickityslit - Top reviewer Aug 3
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Everything Lorena does is sexy as hell!!!!

DrBrule04 - Top reviewer Jun 30
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I never watched a porno and thought about kissing and licking the neck of the woman in the film... That's all I could think about watching this. Again Lorena's creativity shines in showing a camera angle rarely if ever shown in porn. Most porn focuses on genitals or butt's or face's, so much of the beautiful body goes unnoticed because very little attention is paid to it from the person filming. But this video should be porn 101 to teach the mainstream porn producers that other angles, and other parts of the body can be just as sexy as genitals, butts and faces.

NoraReyne - Top reviewer May 5
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Nice angle, like that's my body! ;)

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