Bound Magic Wand Orgasms


Dirty Hot Wife

Greek / Canada
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Christine did not feel like having some orgasms today ...We will see about that . With her hands tied with rope and blind folded ...I go to work on her ..She is going to have some orgasms ...even if she say will not make me cum. Up for the challenge I tease Christine ..Rubin her tits making her nipples very erect. Tickling her legs and rubbing my fingers in her bush . Her silk stockings say this way to heaven and the is when I take her Hitachi Magic Wand and go to work on her ...She tries very hard resisting the enjoyment ...she is stubborn ...but I have all day and her wand runs on electricity not batteries so we are good for the duration ..Rubbing her toy all over her body, legs, feet, her big tits and then working her pussy until she has a long hard orgasm lasting over a minute .....exhausted and tied but not finished with her yet ...With her ass in the air in doggy position .. I work her pussy from behind...She squirms and moans but again she cums hard ...and to finish I blow a huge load all over her hairy box even-though she tells me not to