Canadian Creamery: Breastmilk

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Lexi, Great video!

 This was my first introduction to you and your friends, and I wasn't disappointed. 

For anyone else considering this video. It's an absolute must!!
This was amazing, and well worth the purchase. 

If you like cute girls who like to have  fun, have great breasts, and have a since of humor, this is your one stop shop (per say) 
(And Lexi has TONS of milk in this vid, (like 25 mins worth)

personally I give her  a 5 out of 5 with this on showmanship, humor, and sexiness.

And for  her friends, they don't disappoint either ;)


But that's my take on it.

Great video! Hope you continue the amazing work Lexi!

reekhon - Top reviewer May 25
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Amazing video. The dialogue all feels very natural and you're basically watching a bunch of friends talk about their boobs while feeling each other up.

The lactation is great too and it gets really messy in the best way.
Then, they shower and wash each other and who doesn't love seeing that?

Meet Arwen and Violette! I went up to visit them and things got a bit out of hand... Watch us play with our tits, sip my creamy milk, and shower together ;) This was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had! You can see us all play with each others boobs while we talk about our awesome weekend together! @LexiEros @Arwen_Datnoid @violettegunnxo


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