Ami Mercury tickled and wetting pants



Canadian / Las Vegas
8:19 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 245.89 MB


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Ami is chatting with her friend about the convention but it's so obvious that her bladder is very full and bursting by the way she's grabbing her crotch and squirming. She loves to wait til the last minute to use the toilets, since it' feels so good to nuse a full bladder.. BUT as she gets up, her friend jumps up and blocks the bathroom, saying that she's not going to let her go!! Her friend starts tickling her and she's clutching her crotch very tightly while laughing and bending over!! Her friend is being relentless and she finally gives up and starts peeing her skintight pants. First it's a small wet spot on her crotch but she can't stop the flow and it's getting SOAKED down both legs in the back! Her friend is taking pics & video on her phone to blackmail her one day LOL. Then we talk about how wet her pants and panties got afterwards and some funny. cute behind the scenes bits for ineed2pee - real female pee desperation and girls pissing their pants and tight jeans