Pay for Ass: Toilet Slavery: Mandy Flore


Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
18:19 min - May 2 - .MP4 - 1.08 GB


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I know where my tongue would be!!

INCLUDES: TOILET SLAVERY - ASSHOLE - ASS WORSHIP - FINANCIAL DOMINATION - FEMDOM POV - FEMALE DOMINATION CUSTOM VIDEO In the video, you talk about how I want to give you everything I own and all the money I have for the privilege of sucking the crap straight out of your perfect asshole. I want to be your toilet. I will do anything to kiss, lick, and stick my nose in your anus. I will push my tongue deep inside to clean the walls of your rectum. While you are talking to me and seducing me, you slowly take off your shirt, miniskirt, and socks to reveal your beautiful legs, waist, ass, and breasts....During the video you become completely naked, showing off your asshole (with your whole body on display but close-ups of your anus too) Display and caress your legs, tits, and ass. You occasionally smile, lick your lips, and wiggle, stick out, and roll up your tongue, while looking seductive. By the end I will begging to be your toilet.......Mandy Flores