Morning Cums

336 5.0

Amelia Melody

American / United States
336 5.0
8:31 min - Jun 04 - .MOV - 648.18 MB


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Sep 25
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Very authentic masturbation by little Amelia as she pull her pajamas above her nipples, rubs them, rubs her panties, and cums with a gentle series of lovely squeaking sounds.
Nicel done!

ahlgee Jan 4
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awesome video well worth the price of admission

I had a really wet dream and before I even fully open my eyes my hands are down my panties and under the blanket teasing myself and rubbing my wet pussy. I finally pull the blanket away and slide my panties down pull out a glass dildo and fuck myself until I cum loud and there's a cute close up of me sucking the toy clean afterwards