Lela Aperture sits in cake makes a mess



American / Arizona
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we start our new model lela aperture with a quick interview and find out she was introduced to us by pamela pastry. she has such an adorable voice too! after a few pleasantries she strips down and quickly straddles the cake that she helped pamela pastry bake for us. she squishes it really well while picking up a few handfuls to begin the mess. her curves are irresistible and she shows them off nicely from plenty of angles. whipped cream is her next weapon, and she sprays it on herself and into the mess of the cake, and makes even more of a mess with it before realizing she broke the whipped cream can! adding to the reddish pink mess that's already formed, she goes to work with some strawberry preserves, and then turns around to add some frosting to her ass. bent over, she keeps on adding until her cheeks are completely covered, and then adds some cake crumbs for good measure. she is next sifting through the mess and covering herself with it even further, pausing to take the occasional bite. moving on to the next messy product, she opens a jar of pears and starts eating them, then pours the sticky juice over her chest, equally [***] and spilling it. after flopping around in the mess a bit more, she grabs the bag of marshmallows and begins a game of chubby bunny. her mouth is stuffed so full she can barely get a muffled whisper out, but i encourage her to put even more in there and go for it again. she giggles so hard it's almost impossible, but she gets one more out before giving up and drooling the marshmallows all over. recognizing we still have some frosting left over i have her start shampooing her hair with it. next she gets out the strawberry preserves and mixes it with frosting, then mashes it between her toes and all over her feet. we get up extra close to see her feet action and then she grabs handfulls of the now brown and gray moosh from the ground and takes several big mouthfuls. she complains about how sticky her hands are a bit (she can't stand having stuff on her hands apparently) and then picks up one of the cake-pops we bought. my assistant accidentally pushed the wrong button on the camera so we miss the first part of the cupcake throwing, but catch a couple of them to wrap up this part. two of which land directly between her ass-cheeks. lela telling us how great having her ass pelted with cupcakes was, and then she lays back and makes sprinkle/frosting angels on the ground. next up is one of my interactive parts of the shoot where i get to invoke everybody's childhood fantasy and smash her in the face with a pie! we give a frosting facial and the can of sweetened condensed milk runs out, but i'm not finished yet. i have her turn around and face away and i unload the second money shot all over her ass and between her cheeks. with the can empty, she reaches back and smears it all over spreading the sticky cum substitute all over. she stands up and tells us what fun she's had and that she can't wait to do it again