Blowing My Daddy

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shifty71 - Top reviewer Aug 27
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Loved the video :)

My daddy picked me up from my Hip Hop dance class and when we got home I was still so full of energy from the class and all the dancing I had done. I asked my daddy if he wanted to see some of the moves that I had learned in class and of course he said yes!! Our dance instructor taught us how to "twerk" and "shake our bootys." My daddy said that it's probably the reason why we had so many horny boys standing around watching us girls dance. However, I couldn't help but notice that daddy's dick was getting hard as I was showing him my moves. He was a little embarrassed at first but I told him it was ok that our dance teacher had secretly told me that whenever I danced like that the mens cocks were going to get hard and boy was he right. I dropped to my knees and asked my daddy if I could suck on his dick and show him why his daddy's girl is so popular with the boys at school. I sucked his dick and told him not to bother pulling out whenever he was ready to cum, "just come in my mouth daddy, I will swallow it all." I hope daddy and I can do this after he picks me up from dance lessons from now on. Maybe next time I will blow him as he drives us home