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Gianna Blackmails Dapper Dan Mp4



American / Philadelphia, Pa
18:17 min - May 2 - .MP4 - 771.74 MB


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Gianna is one of Dapper's Students but she knows something he doesn't That he is having an affair with another student named Trisha. When Dapper leaves his phone unattended after class Gianna makes her move and swipes his phone. Only to find low and behold the pics of his affair. So Gianna gets a grand idea and blackmails Dapper into what she wants. And that thing she wants is straight A's for the rest of the semester. Gianna calls Dapper Dan and has him meet her at a hotel she is staying at to confront him on his dirty deeds only to have him get into another dirty deed with her and films it without his knowledge. Gianna takes Dapper's cock and she makes him cum all over her pretty little face. Knowing she is getting everything she wants :) straight A's. This is one hot clip of Gianna fucking and sucking Dapper Dan