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Bulma Finds The Dragon Balls

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monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer May 3
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Simply amazing & truly does bring out those sexual fantasies I had of Bulma growing up watching this amazing series. I'm more than willing to be your sex slave next time <3

Hehehe well next time I find aall the dragon balls I will let you know ;) Thank you for the review!! <3

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer May 2
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Another fun cosplay with delicious yummy views.

Thank you so much, MarcB!! 😘😘

jarya5 - Top reviewer May 14
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Probably the best "s-class" video on this site! Berpl gets legit laughs in this for the way she wrote Goku. I just kept imagining him as "jfc, again with this shit Bulma?!?!" hahaha

Berpl is gorgeous using her Dragon Ben Wa Balls and the g string she has on leaves zero to the imagination. After making her wish, she sucks and fucks a massive cock until the end. Glorious.

Thank you again Jarya! I'm glad you enjoyed my writing of Goku. Since he's actually much younger in Dragon Ball (where this cosplay originally comes from) I chose to write him as he is in DBZ. And I'm happy to see my version was not a discouragement to your enjoying the video and my characters! :]<3

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Let's be honest here: I have Princess Berpl to thank for my love of egg laying & odd insertions. So, when I saw the preview for this, I was SOLD! I can say that this customer is satisfied! I appreciate the commitment to character and the cosplay was on point. Vegeta , what does the scanner say about this scene's rating? IT'S OVER 9000!

Omg amazing review!!! Hahaha!! :A<3

Thank you so much for your comment and your review :)

While these idiots were flexing their muscles and charging their lasers, or whatever, I found all 7 of the dragon balls! And I'll give them to Goku on one condition: He must watch me stuff them in my pussy. Too bad he's such a prude, he won't stop complaining about how "wrong" it is and how his wife wouldn't approve. Whatever, if he keeps that up I'm going to wish for him to be my sex slave forever! Oh fuck, did I say that out loud? Did I seriously just wish for Goku to be my sex slave forever?! Well... I may as well make the best of it. Come here Goku, I'm going to suck and fuck your cock