Foot Goddess Teasing and Trampling

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Trampling slaveboy with Our bare feet is so much fun! Today We are going to leave imprints of Our feet all over slaveboy's back. Our soles are perfect even with dirt on them after walking around My house. I encourage My slave girl to get up on his back and try out her new leash, holding on while she walks on top of his back. Then I get on, too. We leave marks all over his back by gripping it with Our toes and pushing the soles of Our feet into him. Slaveboy lays face down patiently while We rub Our Goddess feet all over him, holding his leash and using him as a human carpet and even dance floor. It feels so powerful to hold slaveboy and feel Our entire weight on his back while he thanks us for trampling him. What a lucky lucky slave to be underneath Our powerful sexy feet! (This clip features Cherry Bat @littlebatmonsta and contains elements of: foot fetish, feet, barefoot, foot domination, foot slave training, foot worship, femdom, goddess worship, tease & denial, soles, trampling, bondage, leash, toes, body worship