Kiwi and Ruby Makeout

4,774 5.0

Ruby and Kiwi

American / Michigan
4,774 5.0
6:04 min - May 16 - .WMV - 185.25 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Oct 3 2017
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When you have two stunning women who love each other like Ruby and Kiwi do, a video of the couple making out can't help but be deeply erotic. As their tongues wrap around one another, the passion is clear from Kiwi sucking on Ruby's neck and the saliva that crosses their mouths. The kisses are made even more sensual by Ruby teasing Kiwi's nipples and Kiwi caressing Ruby's leg down to her pussy, with her cock teasing Ruby even further. The beauty of these lovers' bodies intertwined, moaning as they take pleasure in each other, is one you won't soon forget.

Both Ruby Rapture and Kiwi Coulis are orally gifted and love to kiss. Watch as they make out naked on the bed, swirling their tongue around one another's, biting lips and sucking necks. The girls sometimes even get sloppy and have a string of saliva connecting the two as they part. Kiwi rubs her hard cock on Ruby's cunt. They really get into it