Freebie Tuesday

It's A Soapy Good Time


Victoria Brassy

American / Booty City
10:04 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 254.57 MB


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My best shower show yet! I start out by turning you and the shower on with my buck naked and freezing cold body. Then I begin to lather and rinse my body using my favorite scented body wash and pink loofah. I love my loofa so much. It's been to places inside my body very few have ever experienced. Once I'm sufficiently scrubbed, I giggle and splash, bend over and reach for my shampoo and conditioner where one at a time I seductively wash my long, beautiful brunette hair. Once I finish rinsing I get out of the shower and dry off with my favorite Terry clothe towel. Oh how nice it is to be squeaky clean again