Naked Babysitter


Tammie Madison

American / UK
12:11 min - May 02 - .MP4 - 544.00 MB


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Your babysitter, Tammie, is always trying to get you to do things you are not interested in doing. She especially likes to wrangle you into doing your homework. Every time she offers to help you she can't resist rubbing in just how smart she is and that she is the top of her class. Well, today you are just not in the mood for annoying know-it-all attitude. When she comes in to offer you help you make a proposition. She can play against you at something and if she wins you will do homework. If she loses you choose her forfeit, but you are not going to tell her ahead of time what it is. She reluctantly agrees to your terms. You can see a bit of her arrogance peeking through because she cannot imagine losing at anything against you. To keep it simple, you choose rock, paper, scissors. Sure, it is just a game of chance, but you are feeling lucky today. Once you realize the odds are in your favor you know exactly what you will choose for Tammie's forfeit. You are going to embarrass some of that smartypants arrogance right out of her. An item of clothing for every loss, you'll make Tammie strip down to full nakedness