Extracting Something Sweet With Treats

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EZE083 - Top reviewer May 31
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This is a different fetish.....And i LOVE it!

This is a custom fan fantasy, to see your own brought to life email Raquel directly at: FellatioFantasies @ gmail.com) "You play a Rockabilly chick with a retro 50’s rock’n roll look. 50’s make up style: cat’s eyes, red lipstick and nails. I want to see your best pin up, rockab’ girly look ;-) You are sitting on your bed after coming back from being to some fun fair and you brought back a paper bag of sweets. You are dangling your feet off the bed, and your shoes off your feet mindlessly while eating some candy. You know your boyfriend is checking you out. You eat the sweets ignoring him. (Close ups as you put sweets in your mouth / close up on your dangling shoe, your tongue licking sugar off your lips) You let your high heels slide off and put your feet up on the bed, curling toes, crunching soles. You say deadpan to your boyfriend (as you know he’s desperate by now): “I think these sweets will taste better with your dick baby” Transition to same angle as the lollipop video you did for me, laying in front of his dick with your feet up. You pull a nice sting off precum off with the help of a colorful sweet. Licking the string, eating the sweet. The whole video is about you trying various sweets out with precum in a playful way. You try a few of each sweets from your bag, rub them with precum, getting them nicely coated. You play with your fingers as well, I love when you do that, big strings between your fingers, your lips, the candies and the dick. Don't hesitate to suck his cock directly as well and sometimes lick the precum straight off the head. I like it when you lick it off every single of your fingers. You try a few sweets of each category, try different flavors of each etc... take your time. You are having fun, you love it, be very playful and dirty while keeping that "reading a book" pose and attitude. The sweets I think you should have: A few gummy type sweets / some love hearts / some gummy rings, At the end you finish with a colorful lolli, I would prefer a round one as a globe, not too huge! You do lots of strings and rubbing with the lolli.&quot