Homeschooling Sex Ed

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Bettie Bondage

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1,160 5.0
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bearydrab Jun 17 2017
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I loved the lust and desire and excitement. The build-up kept me throbbing and leaking precum. Highly recommended.

Your parents have home schooled you for years, afraid of what public school would do to you. Now that you're 18, your mother tells you that you need sex ed. She tells you that public schools have sex ed, too, but this will be different. More hands on. Your father doesn't agree with having sex ed, so it has to be your little secret. She tells you that she wants to show you her parts, while you explore your own. You're not so naive as to think this is all normal or innocent. You can tell from her flushed skin and quickening breath that she is excited about showing you. She takes out her breasts and tells you about their sensitivity and their uses. They're magnificent, full, and you want to touch them but instead she tells you to touch yourself. She exposes her panty-covered pussy to you, explaining that she'll be exposing herself and she wants you to do what feels right. What feels right?...You have lots of ideas