Let's Get Rocky



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A follow-up to Be My Brad. "You and your husband come home from a successful performance, both in your floorshow corsets. You’re amazed at how your husband has embraced the control changes-he loves crossdressing and he loves performing on stage. You both want to turn things up a notch at home and have a threesome. But whereas you are open to either men or women, he absolutely refuses to have another man involved. Well, what worked once…Using the induction phrase, “control can be fun as well as educational,” with a snap of your finger, you’re husband is entranced (no need for a long induction). Now you’ll guide him towards a love of the male body, their muscles, and their cocks. You’re so effective with the control suggestion that your husband gets a huge erection, and you have him masturbate as you tell him how a MMF threesome will play out with yourself in control.&quot