Maja meets Karola Compilation No 8

27:44 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 1.22 GB


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This eighth video compilation shows the best scenes of "Maja meets Karola" Parts 31-34 (clips no 393, 403, 413 and 424) PLUS over 4 minutes of "behind the scenes" footage from our third session with Karola never shown before! The first scene: Maja is joining in the wet T-shirt fun. Karolas white tee and amazing boobs are soaking wet already, now the queen is showering Majas big naturals under a white top. Then the ladies lift their wet t-shirts pressing and rubbing their enormous swollen tits against each other, oblivious of all around them they enjoy the softness and heaviness of their flesh. Epic moments for dedicated lovers of pure macromastic eroticism. The second scene: Maja and Karola go on dressing and undressing bras for the third time. They try on more elastic bras and everyday bras and Maja finds out that Karolas far too small black bra fits her just fine. Huge amounts of covered and uncovered breastflesh for your fetish delight. The third scene: Her Majesty Karola is in her red nightie exposing an enormous cleavage and she is about to go to bed. At the same time a small group of nudists is hanging around on Karolas red blanket, not foreseeing the natural disaster approaching. When the Goddess liberates her epic breasts, massaging and caressing them after a long day, and stretches out on her bed, its too late to escape. All the tiny naked men and women are squashed and b-u-r-i-e-d under Karolas mega tits. The Giga Giantess didnt see or hear that. She clings to her soft boobies and falls asleep peacefully. The fourth scene: Karola looks so gorgeous and happy, stretched out on a bed, smiling and teasing the cameraman,clinging to her soft boobies. As she cuddles and pets her amazing wobbling gigatits and squeezes her sensitive nipples she makes us believe that these naturals might have a life of their own