Whitney Morgan Ruins Bakesale


Star Nine

American / California
13:11 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 480.90 MB


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Whitney Morgan takes a fresh batch of cupcakes out of the oven. It's a shame they're for the bake sale. She's so strongly tempted by the cream cheese frosting. Maybe just one . . . quickly the cupcakes are gone, but Whitney's breasts and pussy are nicely coated. Whitney panics, maybe there's still time to make another batch before Star arrives to pick her up. She begins to frantically beat at a bowl of chocolate cake mix as Star arrives. Whitney explains that there was a malfunction with the previous batch. Star Nine glances at the scene and asks if they exploded all over her? She knows what really happened. Star coyly takes the mixing bowl from Whitney and dumps it over her own head. The two messy girls rub up against each other until they are very late - they can just grab some more cupcakes at the grocery store (and keep them safely in the trunk while they drive to the bake sale). Includes WAM, wet & messy