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Knee Sock Leg Tease - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
30:21 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 1.08 GB


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Featuring Star Nine. You're so obsessed with my legs. I tease you with them again. This time, my muscular calves are covered with knee high white socks. I walk back and forth in my minuscule, inappropriate, Japanese schoolgirl skirt showing you the full length of my legs - ass to heel. You can see my calves flexing through the fabric of my socks. You never thought my legs could drive you crazier than they already do, but the thought of my calves and kneecaps, currently hidden by the socks, makes you drool even more. I continue to tease you. I know that you're hopelessly obsessed. You'd give me anything at this point just to see my knee cap. I slowly roll the socks down, reducing you to a panting mess. My bare calves now exposed, I pace and flex my perfect, muscular, shapely legs further feeding your obsession. Includes leg fetish, Japanese school uniform, socks