Fucked 4 Cum on 2 Pairs of Slouch Socks

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A sexy hot blonde is coming home from work and has her workout outfit all set to go. She is looking forward to her workout and gets naked down to her thong as she changes into her short shorts, her sports bra, and finally her two pair of slouch socks and sneakers. As she puts on the slouch socks she remarks how they turn her on. She loves wearing them and loves to layer them as she does with the red and white pairs she puts on. She then goes into some stretching and the views are of her sexy body and her sexy slouch socks, even close up. Suddenly, she realizes someone is there with her. She sees that he is checking her out and then realizes that he is checking out her slouch socks more than even her cleavage or round ass. She likes this and says since she has not officially started her workout, maybe he can help her get some cardio in. She they get naked leaving on only her layered slouch socks. She calls him over then bends over on her workout bench and he enters her from behind. As he is fucking her in doggystyle she continues to give dirty talk about her slouch socks and her big tits sway so nicely. She then adjusts the bench so she can lay on it and he fucks her in a standing missionary position. This allows him to play with her slouch socks as they pair fuck. In no time at all he is ready to cum and she all but begs for the cumshot. The view switches to his POV and he lets a huge cumshot fly all over the feet of her sexy slouch socks. This is exactly what she wanted. She then takes plenty of time to model the cumshot that she just received. She loves her slouch socks and loves getting cum on them, and even more than that, she loves to show off the sticky cum mess she gets afterwards. Included in this clip: Sock Fetish, Socks, Slouch Socks, Workout Outfit, Short Shorts, Sports Bra, Sneaker Fetish, Big Tits, Round Ass, Fucking, Doggystyle, Cumshot, Show Off Cum, Blondes