Whispering homewrecker joi



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I have a risky but super fun challenge for you. I will make you jerk off to me and my super hot body again. But this time i want your wife just net to you. In the same room, apartment or house. This will make it really exciting for both of us. I wills seduce you with my whispering voice so she shouldnt hear us. You focus and concentrate yourself only on me, my voice and my body. Forget everything around you. Forget that ugly bitch right now. You want to jerk for me. Its so much hotter and exciting then fucking that old bitch. Cherry on the top you will blow it for me and then you better sneak as fast as you can into the bathroom to change your clothes. If she sees the stains on your paints there will sure be questions, or if she finds you jerking off to this video, but its not like i would care. haha You are my addicted jerkoholic and you will jerk for me and blow it for me rather then fucking her. Now take the risk and have some seductive fun with me. I love to bring you into risky situations. haha