Your Sister's New Pantyhose


Star Nine

American / California
6:49 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 249.99 MB


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Your sister Roxie Rae has recently started a new job with her friend Star Nine where she is required to wear pantyhose. She thought that they would be itchy and uncomfortable but she really, really, likes them. The only thing that bothers her about them, is that she's now noticed that you, her pervy little brother, can't keep your eyes off her legs. Star & Roxie catch you eavesdropping, you dirty little boy, staring at your sister's legs. Does it make your little penis hard? Do you want to wear her pantyhose? Have you been stealing them & jacking off with them? What would your friends think? The fact that you haven't run away yet must mean you are enjoying it, why don't you pull it out and stroke it? You know you want to stroke it to your sister's legs. Includes taboo topics, first time pantyhose, nylon domination, JOI, ruined orgasms