Full Body Oil Tease

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Russian / Europe
580 5.0
15:25 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 910.84 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Basthuum Jun 9 2017
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Another amazing nude video from Miss Alisa, whom I can hardly get enough of. I feel FenrisSkarn's review tells all that needs to be said. Miss Alisa enhances an already natural beauty even further with oil, the description is accurate, the preview pic speaks for itself & simply put this video really is a must buy type of video.

FenrisSkarn May 4 2017
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This is some extremely sexy video, just as advertised.
Already beautiful "au naturel", Alisa's body becomes scandalously sexy with this oil shine on it. The different poses and angles just add to the erotism.
With its soothing songs in the background, this video even raises more than just men's penises.

In a few words : this video is definitely a 'must have' on every level.
Thanks you Alisa for making it happen.

marcusfenix2424 - Top reviewer Jul 25 2017
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Her videos generally seem to have great variety and this is no different, lots of different angles showing every part of her well. How she applies the oil and glides her hand in her skin is sensual and really hot, her body looks amazing here!

Extremely sexy video! I make myself all shiny by pouring oil on my big titties, stomach, arms, legs, and butt. The light casts great reflections on my oily body. I tease you with dancing, massaging oil into my skin. I don't skip my pussy and apply oil very thoroughly, showing it to you from the front and behind, bending down. I captured different angles as you can see in the preview. Very hot and oily! Some relaxing tunes play in the background. Video released in May 2017