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American / Hogwarts
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I LOVE Clay Cubitt’s video art series Hysterical Literature, where women read a piece of literature out loud while being distracted with a vibrator off-camera until they orgasm. But I also wondered what would happen if a woman were distracted from something slightly more immersive. Like, hmmm, a video game maybe? For this clip, I chose one of my favorite video games, put a Hitachi against my pussy, and played until I came. And whew, was I distracted! As I fight my way through a camp of enemies, my attention is torn between who my character is battling on screen and the heavenly vibrations of the toy against my hard clit—which makes for a fun, delicious orgasm! (Note: The camera goes out of focus a few times. Rather than interrupt the flow of the video, I kept these moments in. But don’t worry, I’ve been assured they don’t detract from the hotness of the video