Meet Dixon Mason

35:45 min - May 02 - .MP4 - 1.72 GB

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Sweet and kinky Dixon Mason was referred to us by Trainee Supreme Elise Graves. Elise knows just what it takes to embrace our training methods and she was so right in recommending Dixon. Dixon in her street clothes is briefly interviewed by Pete to begin her session. Dixon says she "likes the idea" of our training. When Head Trainer Mark enters, Dixon has changed into her trainee bikini with matching sandals. Mark had worked a bit with Dixon before our camera rolled so she responds relatively quickly when he produces a sparkling crystal. Mark has Dixon concentrate on the tattoo on her right wrist. When she looks at her tattoo, she sees it spinning and she becomes sleepy. Mark has Dixon connect our training with pleasure. Pete returns with a pocket watch to swing in front of Dixon's eyes. Once under his control, Pete triggers Dixon to remove her bikini top. The back of Pete's hand on her arm causes Dixon to feel pleasure. Pete gives Dixon the magic phrase to bring on an orgasm. Pete asks Dixon to deliver a promo but she falls asleep every time she says "PetesGirls." Once that suggestion is removed, Dixon recites her promo and concludes with an orgasm. Pete talks Dixon out of her bikini bottom. Dixon discovers that she can use the pocket watch on herself. Pete gives Dixon a thank-you kiss which leads to another orgasm. And another