Gianna Nicole's Full Scene

27:26 min - May 02 - .WMV - 1.04 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Gianna Nicole is one of those insanely HOT girls who comes around every so often. Just look at her incredible face and body. Her feet are flawless and soft and she has really nice wrinkled soles! See her FULL SCENE from solo foot tease, oiled soles, foot worship and also the Pose Position and then of course, the thrilling footjob finish with a huge dripping load on her tan 19 year old feet. This beauty is so HOT, it almost hurts, lol!! Meet 19 year Gianna Nicole!! How absolutely smokin hot is this girl??!! She's only been in the biz for a few months and this is her very FIRST FOOT FETISH SHOOT!! You have to check this clip out. Her feet are so soft and tan and with great wrinkled soles. I worked with her at the recent Atlantic City Exxxotica Expo. She's starting to blow up now as you are seeing her shoot for a lot of big companies throughout LA & Fla. Her face is exquisite - totally FLAWLESS!! She kind of strikes you as a Jersey Shore kind of girl, but she's from Florida and is half Russian and half Italian. She has flawless size 7 feet. Very nice wrinkled soles and she does some great toe points in this clip. Her skin is so soft and her entire body is just manicured to perfection! Her feet have that perfect shape. Slightly wide, toes are completely proportionate. She also wiggles her toes in some really cool closeup action. She also rests her feet right at the edge of the bed enabling you a perfect angle to her feet and soles! This girl's feet are so nice and when she oils them up and gets them all nice and shiny, you can truly see her wrinkled soles and up close and personal with some incredible closeup angles. Gianna pours a lot of oil all over the tops and bottoms of her feet and rubs it in. She gets her feet shiny after working in the oil. She then flexes her toes, points her toes and shows the tops of her feet. You can really notice her HIGH ARCHES. I LOVE oiled tan feet. Gianna Nicole then teases you in the Pose Position with her beautiful, soft, tan size 7 feet! This girl is so amazingly HOT, you'll be wanting more and more of her. See her wiggling her toes and doing a toe point where you can see her soles get really wrinkled She then lays on her stomach with her WRINKLED SOLES facing upward right at you. She also brings her feet towards her body so you can see the tan tops of her feet. Next, is Gianna Nicole's FIRST EVER FOOT WORSHIP scene! This tan beauty has amazing feet and super wrinkled soles. See me remove her high heels to reveal her nice, soft feet. The tops of her feet are so dark and tan. I lick up and down her wrinkled soles and suck each toe and lick in between each toe as she lays next to me on the bed. She has great facial expressions as I lick her bare feet! Gianna has feet that are meant to be pampered and worshiped! Her soles are so soft and they wrinkle up like no other. She has impeccable arches and licking them is pure joy I first have her lay on her stomach with her soles facing up and they are in a perfect close-up position and at a great angle. You actually feel like you are right there licking her bare feet! She then goes up on her tippy toes and I lick her high arches. From there, it's on to the Pose Position and I rub her ass as I lick her feet and suck her toes. It's so sexy how she looks back and plays with her hair. She is clearly enjoying it. I lick this incredibly hot girl's feet and she also plays with my cock. She holds up her feet and scrunches her soles and shows you just how nice her feet are. She flicks my cock around and I continue to lick her other foot. She then goes into full cock stroking mode and is damn good at it! She brings me to completion as I explode all over feet. She holds up her feet and you can see a huge load dripping off her toes and soles