Molly Jane's Full Scene

32:25 min - May 02 - .WMV - 1.23 GB


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Be sure to check out Molly Jane's FULL SCENE! You get a ton of footage and at a DISCOUNTED PRICE! See her solo foot tease, her high arches as she goes up on her tippy toes, oiled soles, foot worship, in the Pose and her incredible footjob! Meet 20 year old, Molly Jane, she originally hails from Austin Texas. They say everything is BIG IN TEXAS! Well this is pretty true in Molly Jane's case as she has rather LARGE FEET for her size. She says they are a size 8.5-9.5 depending on the shoe, so we'll just say they are a size 9. Molly Jane also has nice WIDE FEET! Her feet are very soft and she gets pedicures on a regular basis to keep them that way all the time. I start her off wearing flip flops. It gives her that college girl look, which she really is. Not sure if she had heels with her but the flip flops TOTALLY fit her to a T. I even have her go up as high as she can on her tippy toes so you can see her nice DEEP, HIGH ARCHES! Before that, though she dangles her flip flops off her feet showing just how high her arches are. Awesome angles! She then takes both flips off and holds up her soles to the camera. Lots of toe pointing, toe wiggling and toe flexing. In fact, check out the dimples she has right beneath her toe lines and right on top of her very wrinkled soles. You guys are really gonna love this one!! A CAN'T MISS!! You know you want to see Molly Jane's nice wide size 9 feet covered in oil. Here, you can see just that! In this clip, Molly Jane pours oil all over her soles and the tops of her feet. She pours out long streams of oil. The oil makes her feet even softer. Check it out as she rubs the oil all over her feet and works it in well. Now her feet are super shiny and quite slippery even. There's lots of closeups and toe pointing as well as toe wiggling. Molly Jane then holds up her feet to the camera so you can see her flex her toes, scrunch her soles and make you want to lick em! Next, you see Molly Jane in the Pose Position! See her wide size 9 feet as they come right at you. You'll see a lot of closeup action and toe pointing as well as toe wiggling. She has fantastic wrinkled soles. See her go up on her tippy toes and you can really see her high arches from there. I love how she flexes her toes and arches. She really has incredible feet! Molly Jane then lowers her feet to the bed and her soles are facing upward. Then, she brings her feet and legs toward her body and you can see the tops of her feet and she also wiggles her toes. She loves having her size 9 feet worshiped. She loves having her soles liked and toes sucked. She especially likes when her high arches are licked. I start this foot worship scene with licking the tops of her feet while her flips flops are still on. It's kind of like a tease, lol. I then take each one off and I lick her wrinkled soles and suck each toe and lick in between each one. Great facial expressions and reactions as she is really into it. Her feet look fabulous when being worshiped in the Pose Position! Check out her high arches and WIDE FEET as I lick her soles and suck her toes. She loves this attention and you can tell by how she reacts when her bare feet are being licked and her toes being sucked. I also rub her ass during the foot worship action. I then have her flip over as I lick her feet with her soles facing upward. Plenty of closeup action, too! Molly Jane then goes up on her tippy toes so I can lick her high arches and the backs of her ankles. Incredibly soft size 9 feet! This amazingly sensual girl knows just how to tease me with her soft feet. As I lick one of her feet, she gets my already hard cock ready for a swift, hard stroking. She is soooooo good at this. I also love how she strokes my cock with her toes and flick it all around. This really got me going! After some good ole foot licking, now she puts her feet together around my cock for a sensational solejob! Just to feel those soft soles around my hard member was enough to almost make me pop, lol, but I wanted to enjoy this a lot more. She pours oil all over her feet and soles and now the cock stroking motion is in full swing. I shoot a monster load all over her feet and she rubs her feet all over the cum and holds them up to the camera as the jizz just drips from her feet