Spanks For Late Homework


Jasmine Rose

American / U.S.
13:50 min - May 2 - .MP4 - 418.32 MB


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There you are.. I have to talk to you, sit down. . . I received a note from your teacher today, and it wasn't good. Tell me the truth, have you been turning in your homework? Think about that again, and think hard about your answer. . . Have you been turning in your homework?? Do Not Lie to me son! Your teacher wrote this letter herself saying different. It looks like you haven't turned in any assignments in two weeks! I thought you were such a good boy, you're my little sweetheart... but this?? This isn't you. What am I going to do with you? This is terrible. You lied to me! You LIED! Do you know what happens to lying little b0.ys? They get spanked. And you? You're gonna get spanks for lying AND not turning in your assignments. Two doses of spanks! We'll start with 50 spatula spanks for the lying and see if you need 50 more! Oh, don't cry sweetie, mommy still loves you. I love you with all my heart, but for what you did, there are consequences. . . (Adult Diaper