Freebie Tuesday

A Tour of my Tattoos

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63 5.0
9:42 min - Jun 11 - .MP4 - 690.90 MB
jirosomo Jul 14
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An amazing insight onto Cara's many great tattoos with lots of info about their meaning and placement. Also offering a chance to sponsor a new tattoo! An informative video about our favourite lady's greatest past time. Future videos mean so much more when you get to stare at the beautiful artwork that's in place. :)

Sw1wba Jun 5
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Lovely video which gives a fantastic insight to Cara. Great explanation of her tattoos and lovely view of them

HardNok - Top reviewer May 21
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Great video showing off her ink. Nicely done!

WayneXtreme - Top reviewer May 20
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This is an extremely simple, but oh so sexy video featuring Cara. In it she simply gives a tour and an explanation of her tattoos. It is incredibly sexy for those of you with a tattoo kink. It seriously is incredibly sexy to see a tattooed woman, but even more so when she has the same nerdy love that you do. No nudity in this video, but it is still incredibly sexy!

A lot of people ask to see all of my tattoos, so thought I would make a short clip showing you them, and talk a little about my tattoo addiction