Adara Jordin.. Swimsuit Lockdown

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Adara decides to stay home from work for the day. There's a new video game out and she just wants stay home, be lazy, and sit in front of the TV all day. Her boyfriend has other plans. If she's going to stay home and not go to her job today, she's not going to be wasting it playing games on the couch.. She is told to go change into a sexy shiny one piece swimsuit and her shiny Danskin tights. He goes out to the garage and grabs a bag full of chains and a handful of padlocks. He carefully and meticulously locks her up on all fours on the table and muzzle gags her. "There. That should hold you for today while I go out and run all of my errands. See what happens when you stay home from work? Have fun today..&quot