Dixon Mason Trained

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Dixon Mason is on the fast-track to the top of her trainee class. Not surprising, as she came with the recommendation of Pete favorite Elise Graves. Dixon aced her introductory video in Meet Dixon Mason. Now it time to take it to another level under the guidance of Head Trainer Mark. Dixon is relaxed in her trainee tank-top and C-string as her session begins. Mark awakens her then places her back under his control by stroking the back of her hand. Mark swings a shiny pendant before her eyes. Mark reinforces that being controlled leads to pleasure for Dixon. Mark causes Dixon's hands to remove her tank-top. Dixon's hands massage her bare breasts whenever she feels Mark is training her. Mark takes Dixon deeper with the swinging silver pocket watch. Dixon is triggered to request the pendant so she can put herself under. Mark makes Dixon feel shy and bashful about training, the same way she first viewed sex. Saying the h-word three times brings Dixon to a powerful orgasm. When Pete appears, Dixon reports she has been trained and loves it. Dixon keeps repeating that she has been trained, leading to another orgasm. Pete concludes Dixon's training session after she promises to return for more