Dont You Dare Cum Yet JOI

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Naassr - Top reviewer Jun 29
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this is probably the best joi out there, really enjoyed every second of it. I was really engaged with her, didn't really feel like its 23 mins long, a perfect vid i call

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Great JOI video with a hot girl. What are you waiting for? Buy this video!

Indyman 85 - Top reviewer May 2
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Omfg the best joi in the world hands down you won't make it

I start off teasing you by spreading my ass and taunting you! Don't you dare even think of touching your cock before I tell you! Just watch and admire my pussy until I tell you to pull your cock out! But once I tell you to start jerking your cock for me, you better not stop and you better not cum until I tell you too! You jerk it hard and fast like I say while I pound my pussy and beg for your cock! Don't you dare cum until I give you a count down! Keep jerking that dick as fast and hard as you can until I say otherwise