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Freebie Tuesday

Foot Bitch sniff my Ugg Boots



Austrian / Austria
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Ugg boots you wear without socks. So this is already a foot lovers smelly dream. I let you worship my soft ugg boots. I can already see how you get more and more excited. Then i sloooowly take off the first boot and stick him right in front of your nose. Coe rced to sniff in this addictive smell. Yes really deep sniffs you never know when it will be the next time i give you something so delicous. Then i will start to take off the other boot and torment you again with my boot. I already can see you are going crazy, lusting for more. Now i will give you the rest my bare feet. Sticking them in front of your nose. Teasing and tormenting you till you are done and lose the last little bit off logical thinking