A Cuck For Your Wife & Your Mistress


Star Nine

American / California
8:26 min - May 02 - .MP4 - 305.86 MB


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Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine. You never thought that you'd get caught, much less that we'd meet. You were so careful, saving up your golf money. So energized and proud, driving around in your new sports car with your new girlfriend . . . You're shocked to find your mistress and your wife together, naked, in your living room. Star turns tenderly, possessively, towards your girlfriend. They caress each other's bodies as they explain how you won't be fucking either of them ever again. They mock you, your small penis, your midlife crisis. They allow you to cum to their pussies one last time as they detail your future as their cuck - you can live in your precious sports car. Includes cuckold, financial domination, JOI, double domination, small penis encouragement