Teased before chastity



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Every slave should be atleast one time in chastity. This is all for your best. You need to learn that your life right now is a privilege which you have to work for if you want to continue like this. But we both know you want to be a good boy anyway. So you will be out there soon when you please me and be a good boy. Nothing to worry about slave. If not this is exactly what you need to learn true slavery. You dont deserve to even touch your dick if you dont do anything for me. Stroking is a privilege, orgasm is a privileg, even going into chastity for ME is a privilege. Well this will be the day where you will send me those keys and truly be a servnant of mine. This is nothing more then a Welcome ceremony. Enjoy the tease and dont even think about touching your dick. I want you truly devoted and understand that everything is a privileg for you from now on