Long quiet masturbation

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This one is all about the agony from beginning to the satisfying ending. Perfect shots of that rosy-cheeked face. I immediately thought of a seductive, 20-something Pebbles Flintstone. Maybe it was the flowing red hair. Maybe it's because I kept staring at her pussy thinking, "Bam-Bam!" And, OMG how wet can one pussy be. So wet that it glistened the whole video. Just for me (I imagine), she ends with the most appropriate action. She savors that wetness from source, to fingers, to tongue, to mouth. She savors it. And, I just about faint.

Adora starts this video by showing you her body in her sexy lingerie and strips down to just a thong and thigh highs. Once shes there she brings out a toy, a tongue shaped vibrator called nubby tongue! She uses this for more than ten minutes on her clit and inserting it and flicking her pussy lips until a big juicy cum that she shows off, playing with it on her fingers and cleans them off with her mouth. *This is a very chill video! If you like to see women satisfy themselves with that being the only goal, this is for you