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My husband's little brother's virginity

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that you're married (or engaged) and your husband's teenage little brother comes for a visit. He's cute/physically fit but shy. He can't help checking you out, often staring at your nard nipples or sexy legs and ass. Then one day when hubby is away for several hours, you decide to really turn on his little brother. You notice the effect right away: he gets a huge hardon. You ask him to take off his shorts so you can see it. You make some comments about how big it is (really well developed for a guy his age, bigger than your husband's, etc.) while you strip in front of him. Maybe you tell him you have a little confession to make: you've been thinking about taking his virginity for while and now it's going to happen. You suck him and fuck him in various positions, telling him how fucking your own little brother-in-law is such a turn-on, how you can't get enough young teenage cocks, etc. When you finally wear him out and cum yourself you tell him if he promises to keep it a secret you can do this again