Ruled By An Army Of Feet

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I just got home from the gym wearing Ugg boots without socks for the last few weeks. I overheard you say how you can't stand me and that I'm crazy, but at least there's only one of me. Well, I found a way to clone myself. Every time I spread my toes, I double in number. I start with 1, then 2, then 4, 8, 16 and I continue. I never stop spreading my toes. I tell you that you will be surrounded by me if I spread my toes a few more times, so I do. With so many of me, you will need to pay them as well... Forever in a world of stinky feet and millions of mes! The more I make, the more you pay. The more you pay, the more of me there will be. Stinky feet is all you will know