Cute Girlfriend Agony

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206 5.0
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Now see, this is what it's all about right here. The gender neutrality is a very nice bonus. If you happen to be a girl, first of all, condolences AND a big applause to you for persevering in the ludicrously hostile world of internet pornography, and secondly, this is a brilliant video for you if you don't want to hear about throbbing cocks all the time!

xeniaxan May 30
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okay this was adorable loved every min of it and her voice is so cute 10/10 would buy more of this

:`(*** tysm!!!!

very romantic, gender neutral and simple video. I feel lonely, so I send you this video message asking when will you be back home to show you how much I missed you. This video is a must if you're into romantic talk and simple stuff. I show my cutest and sweetest side here, plus no make-up Celestica