Ivy Adams
Freebie Tuesday

Nerdy Girl Fucks HUGE Lightsaber

507 5.0

Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
507 5.0
10:29 min - Jun 18 - .MP4 - 459.89 MB


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seanh_97 - Top reviewer Oct 16
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Two of my favourite things in one video ;)

Snycj69 Jun 10
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This video is amazing. AJ did a great job with it.

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer May 7
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I love the jedi cloak in this video. It looks so good on Bunnie. The lightsaber sounds are also amazing in this video. Definitely recommend this video for star wars fans.

Thank you so much! I MADE THAT CLOAK. IS IT NOT AMAZING?!?!? <3

moonman94 - Top reviewer May 4
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A lightsaber and a beautiful horny girl, what more could you want ;)

crispyderp - Top reviewer May 3
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A hot, kinky, and fun vid from Bunnie! The lightsaber pussy play is incredibly sexy. I wish she was my padawan!

A long, long time ago, I built this lightsaber at Disneyland! Now see all the naughty things I do with it in my "May the Fourth be With You" video! I fit that whole lightsaber all the way up inside my tight pussy! My petite little body grinds on the hilt and the saber, eliciting orgasmic cries from its beautiful hums. You'll never be able to think of lightsabers or Star Wars the same again >:) I'm such a nerdy little girl! Won't you cum and indulge with me? -Bunnie