Freebie Tuesday

Mounted and Stuffed



American / U.S.A.
14:15 min - May 03 - .MP4 - 261.11 MB


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Our favorite kinkster hot wife Leslie begins this adventure already equipped with her longest, thickest strapon dildo, and after commanding her sub-hub Marc to please both herself and her impressive equipment orally, she allows him to mount her from above and stuff her prodigious appendage directly up his ass, much to the joy of all viewers who get to enjoy the full spectacle from behind. As Leslie pleasures herself with a pink vibrator, hubby rides 'n slides up and down this big-titted MILF's fake shaft like there's no tomorrow--first spreading his ass with both hands and ultimately mounting her heavy-hitter shlong from a side angle, allowing viewers a front-row seat to the big finish! After commanding her partner to bounce aggressively on her thick cock, this cum-craving hottie then squeezes her big tits together and directs her frenzied partner to stroke off all over those heavy, rounds orbs. And rest assured, Marc does not disappoint! You'll love the reduced-speed shot of this dildo-loving hubby's thick, full streams of creamy cum spurting precisely where commanded, and this insatiable superMILF treats us all to a hot-and-sticky rub down of those breasts, ensuring that any cum that doesn't drip to the floor is fully and thoroughly applied to the skin. It's an epically messy, cum-drenched finish that you won't want to miss