Double Domme SPH with Miss Sablique



American / San Diego
6:05 min - May 03 - .MP4 - 881.55 MB


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Bored with your pathetic attempts to get us to put you in chastity, Miss Sablique and I take turns humiliating you for your pathetic excuse of a dicklet. Not only are we not going to put you in chastity because you're too small and insignificant to even fit into our chastity cage, but we will make sure you know how worthless you are as a man. You know it is the truth and find solace in two powerful and gorgeous women telling you like it is. Just being in our presence and being humiliated by us is more than you ever thought you would get. Accept your pathetically small cock and your inability to please us in anyway except to be the victim of our cruelty, it will never get bigger, and you will always be a loser
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