Amazonian Triple Domme Trampling



American / San Diego
6:48 min - May 03 - .MP4 - 402.09 MB


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An infestation of insignificantly small men have been spotted by three gorgeous Amazonian giantesses, Madam Sydney, Miss Sablique, & Goddess Fae. We devise ways to rid our space of this ill-fated infestation, and consider trampling them all to death, individually squishing them with our asses and tits, eating them, and setting them on fire. Disgusted by the taste of them and the mess it causes when they're squished between tits, we decide that trampling and squishing them is really the best way to effortlessly get rid of this insignificant man infestation. We take turns humiliating the pathetic excuses of flesh in front of us and quickly take turns trampling them with our perfect Goddess feet. How lucky they are to be crushed by Divinity
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