Fetish Friday

Smoking on My Human Furniture



American / San Diego
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Madam Sydney has a new slave that She is training to be a chair for Her pleasure and a place to set Her ashtray. Entering the room with Her gorgeous leather gloves, leather corset, and leather boots, Madam Sydney demands the slave light Her cigarette and immediately get down to provide Her with a place to sit. The slave isn't very good yet and so while Her desire is to ignore him, She will have to correct his positioning to Her liking. Madam Sydney uses the tacks on the inside of Her glove to sharply smack the slaves exposed testicles, making sure that he will not move or drop Her, no matter what happens to him. Madam enjoys Her cigarette for sometime, stroking Her gorgeous body, enjoying the luxuriating feel of the leather She wears, and eventually leaves the slave after finishing Her cigarette, never having spoke more than 15 words to him