The Visitors


Abigail Dupree

American / Your Cock
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The Visitors are coming to partake in Master James offering of slave 525-871-465 for a sexual ceremony, 'The Rites of Passage. Witness Black Snake Magic and Miss Raven Rose perform with Master James and slave Abigail in this intense dance of pleasure and pain. A maelstrom of carnal energy flows around the epicenter of slave Abigail within this ritual. She succumbs to her flesh as the play thing for these three primal energies. Take part in her torment and pleasure. Master James offers His slave to be tested upon an altar of steel; bound, licked, caned, fucked, used, she will not go unscathed. Be part in her entranced pleasure and torment. Anal Penetration, Ass Hook, Ass Play, Big Dick, Breast Caning, Butt Plug, Face Sitting, Oral Sex, Orgasm, Pussy Clamps, Pussy Eating, Pussy Fondling, Pussy Hook, Suck, Vaginal Penetration