Teasing and Encouraging Little Brother

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Caireen calls her little brother into her room. "Are Mom and Dad home?" she asks. "Listen.. Mom told me that she's been noticing she's had to wash your sheets a lot more often lately.. I know what that means. Do you masturbate too? Do you think about girls' bodies to make yourself cum?" she teases him. She rubs her tits and asks if he notices that she's not wearing a bra. "Would it make your dick hard if I took my top off?" she asks. "Let me see your dick! I want to know if my little brother has a big cock!" Caireen teases her brother, telling him to stroke his cock as she shows off her body, not letting him touch her. "I'm your sister! You can't touch me, that would be bad! But I can bring my tits really close to your cock and you can cum all over them...&quot