Madam Sydney and Miss Maya's Foot Bitch



American / San Diego
6:23 min - May 03 - .MP4 - 621.44 MB


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Madam Sydney and Miss Maya take turns humiliating Miss Maya's slave while at the AVN in Las Vegas. The two beautiful Dommes, take turns shoving their feet and toes into this lucky slaves mouth, making it open its mouth wider and wider. Madam Sydney decides to use it's tongue as a mat, to clean her feet and then rests Her feet on his chastity device to further torment it, while Miss Maya ties her turn using it. Poked and prodded by feet and a finger pointer, slave becomes more and more submissive as it realizes it''s place is under the feet of these two superior dominant women. When Miss Maya and Madam Sydney are done using it for their amusement, they send it crawling away, back into its cage, until they are ready to use it again
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