Odette Delacroix vs. Lilly - STRIP GAME

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163 4.0
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technicaal - Top reviewer Dec 31
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If you're a belly-fetish guy, you'll LOVE the brunette, Lilly in this. So cute.

Both girls are sharp as tacks! Lilly is a brunette 18 year old. If she loses, this will be her very first time naked on video - ever. She's curvy and busty and even though she really wants to win, she has no problem stripping for the camera. Odette, the Challenger, is a petite 87 pound blonde. She is spunky and competitive. She is smaller breasted, but her tits are very firm and point straight out! Odette and Lilly play Strip Blackjack, then about half way through, they switch to "Sex Trivia." It's hard to stump girls with sex trivia questions that are so into sex and know so much about it! The camera moves in close to the girls, so you'll really feel like you're a part of their intimate game. This game is pretty evenly matched, as both start off being topless about the same time. To give you an idea of the punishment, the winner asks at the end, "Can I spank her as hard as I want?" And she does